Friday, December 14, 2012


Illustrated by Chris McJunkin
Dogtown is a second series I'm working on with Chris McJunkin and will appear in my upcoming anthology Science Hero.  I've been really focused on structure with this series.  Each chapter will be 8 pages and focus on a different character and situation in the city neighborhood of Dogtown.  Through this series of vignettes, I hope to create a pastiche of crime, social, and political drama.  As you might notice from looking at these pages, each chapter will also be represented by a predominant color, the first chapter being blue.

I really like writing Dogtown because it allows me to reach for different influences than the superhero stuff.  Dogtown is more verbose than Zero's Heroes because it's primarily inspired by my two favorite novelists, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and Robert Heinlein. 

Chris completely illustrates the pages by himself, and he really brings his A game.  Everything from the pencils, to the colors, to the letters is all his work.  He's got a great eye for design and often times improves the layouts of the page from how they were originally written.  The man's a true talent and I'm lucky to have him creating this book with me.

Here are the first three pages of Dogtown:  The Cold Goodbye.

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