Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wizard World St. Louis Day 2

Whew, today was long, but fulfilling.  I don't have a lot of interesting things to report because I spent the whole day behind the table chatting it up with the con goers.  I was again fortunate enough to meet some people who were regular readers of Zero's Heroes, as well as a couple of aspiring creators and other would be artists.  I always like meeting other comic creators because they share a passion with not only comics, but usually a sense of Do It Yourself Independents.  From what I've seen, there's usually one common road into the "mainstream" of comics, and that's through self publishing.

Science Hero was a big success today.  There were a number of people who saw us from across the aisle, noticed the big blue Science Hero logo, and were compelled to come over and ask what it was.  So, I guess I owe Chris McJunkin a big fat raise for designing a killer logo!

We saw a lot of kids today, most of them lured over by the siren call of Free Stickers.  We also saw a fair share of parents who were looking for comics for their kids or grandkids.  Since Zero's Heroes is largely PG (sometimes veering in to the PG13 arena), it received a lot of attention from them.

I was also surprised by the amount of people who were themselves pleasantly surprised and intrigued by the notion that I describe Zero's Heroes as a Superhero Comedy.  I've never really thought of superhero comedy as being a novel concept, but I was raised on The Tick and Freakazoid cartoons in addition to the regular regiment of Spider-man and X-Men, so maybe I'm the outlier.  I suppose, if we're being honest, the regular fare you see from Marvel or DC these days is about as far from "comedy" as it can be, discounting the unintentional hilarity that they sometimes find themselves publishing.

All this is to say that, though I dread to dredge up the recurring complaint, it seems very obvious to me that Marvel or DC could be doing a lot more to reach out to kids or younger audiences with a wider array of styles and genres.

But that's okay if they don't.  Assuming there is a demand for such a thing, then it's a hole in the market that I can try to fill.  That's your Free Market Economics at work!

As usual, there were also a lot of great costumes today.  I managed to snap a few pics of some my favorites.  It's hard to pick an absolute favorite.  It's a toss up between Kiki's Delivery Service and Flash from G.I. Joe.  Of course, that tiny Harley Quinn was just adorable.  She probably had to pose for hundreds of pictures by the end of the day.

Dr. Quest
Kiki and Jiji
He's Batman
Yo Joe!
Tiny Harley Quinn
The Rocketeer
He does whatever a spider can.

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  1. Her name is Mini Harley Quinn