Thursday, September 18, 2014

Amoral Stingray Preview

This is a preview of a project I am working on with Kevin Bandt, the amazing artist responsible for Cat-le Drivers.  Kevin and I worked together on a few things, notably Relative Space (which appears in Science Hero #2) and King of the Road.  I'm always excited to work with Kevin and I cannot wait to get this issue finished.

The Amoral Stingray is a dark comedy starring mild mannered teenager, Duncan Daniels.  Duncan is a social outcast who is occasionally bullied at school and has trouble making friends.  His whole life is changed when he receives incredible, destructive superpowers.  However, instead of using his powers for the betterment of mankind, he decides to become a supervillain.  Welcomed and validated by various supervillains and the criminal community, Duncan sets out on a dark path and is increasingly forced to question the morality and ethics of his actions.

Here is the cover and a 5 page sequence in which Duncan meets a friendly neighborhood superhero named Aphid.  Unlike my other comics, this one contains strong language and is not intended for kids.

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